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On Ice Training

Players in the Yale Hockey Academy will be faced with minimum 120 on-ice sessions between Sept and June.  In season practices will include one day a week where individual skills are the key focus as well as positional skills (eg Defense only, forwards only, goalies only) Off season ice sessions will be 3 / week with one day strictly skill development, one day strictly power skating, and the final day for 3 on 3 or competitive intramural play. 

In addition to academy training sessions, our booster club YSA Development also offers supplementary sessions throughout the year for current and prospective students at the elementary and middle school level.  For information on spring / summer hockey camps, please visit YSA Development.  

2021 Off-Ice Training Programs / Camps

2021 On-Ice Programs / Camps



Brad Bowen:  U15 Prep Head Coach / Director of Hockey Operations

Andy Neilsen:  Goaltending Instructor for ALL Teams 

Erin Thornton:  U15 Prep Asst Coach / Summer Camp Director

Mark Holick:  U18 Prep Head Coach 

Derry Menard:  U17 Prep Head Coach 

Doneau Menard: U15 Head Coach 

ALL of our On-Ice Instructors have high level of coacing experience in addition to BC High Performance Levels.