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$15,000 for the 2021 2022 Season

$22,700 total for Out-of-Province Players
$30,700 total for International Players

40+ Game Schedule (Including Tournaments)
Off-Ice Testing
73% Cumulative GPA Criteria
Advanced Graduation Program for All Players

Player Requirements

This program is a competitive travel team primarily consisting of 13 & 14yr old players.  Players are selected for this team from our spring evaluation skate usually held the first weekend in April.  This team competes and trains from September to June.  Our season is within the CSSHL (Canadian Sport School Hockey League)  The majority of our games are "showcase" events in which the league travels to host schools / academies and engages in a 4 game weekend.  All games are played on weekends and all practices are during the school day. 

Academic Schedule

A typical year course-load for Yale U15 players would look something like the following:

SEMESTER ONE                                       SEMESTER TWO
Strength & Conditioning 8/9                        P.E. 8/9 
Socials 8/9                                                  Art 8 / Careers 10                     
Math 8/9                                                      English 8/9
Science 8/9                                                 French 8/9