Art displays set up for Art show. Students walking around looking at art pieces Yale Secondary - Semester 1 Art Show

Celebrating Young Artists at Yale Secondary School

February 6, 2024

In an inspiring display of creativity and talent, Yale Secondary School's Art Department recently hosted a remarkable art show, showcasing the best student artwork from the first semester. The event, held on January 24, 2024, featured an array of stunning pieces from visual arts students in Grades 9 to 12.

Organized by art teachers Trevor Wight and Courtney Minekina, the show offered a platform for young artists to present their work to the entire school community, including parents and visiting classes from W.A. Fraser Middle School. The art show, a significant source of motivation and pride for the students, serves as the culminating event for all art classes at Yale Secondary.

“This art show is a great way for students to show their work off,” said Trevor Wight, Art Teacher and Department Head at Yale Secondary. “The art show is the main goal for all our classes each semester. It provides students with tangible motivation for doing their best work, knowing it will be on display."

The exhibit included a diverse range of artworks, from traditional paintings and drawings to digital art and mixed media, reflecting Yale's students' diverse talents and creative expressions. The event highlighted the students' artistic achievements and emphasized the importance of arts education in nurturing creativity and expression among young learners.

The art show was met with enthusiastic reception from students, parents, and staff alike, celebrating Yale's young artists' hard work and dedication. It stands as a testament to the vibrant arts community within the Abbotsford School District and the dedicated educators who foster these talents.

As the school continues to support and encourage artistic endeavours, Yale Secondary School’s Art Department looks forward to more events in the future, continuing to highlight and celebrate student success from an artistic lens.

Kayla Stuckart | Manager, Communications
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